Index Calls

Index Calls

The index long call is the simplest strategy to use in index options trading and the implementation involves the purchase of an index call option.

The options trader employing the index long call strategy believes that the underlying index level will rise significantly above the call strike price within a certain period of time.

Since there can be no limit as to how high the index level can be at the option's expiration date, there is no limit to the maximum profit possible when implementing the index long call strategy.

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Key features provided by us are:

  • Positional Calls on NIFTY & BANKNIFTY.
  • We will issue Long as well as Short calls.
  • They have a Risk Reward ratio of 1:1.5 or higher than that.
  • The calls are designed for active traders.
  • Charges Rs.15000 per quarter inclusive of GST.