Stock Option Calls

Stock Option Calls

The stock markets have created exchanges that trade "Stock Options". There are call options, which are the right to buy shares of a stock at a certain price by a certain date.

They are called stock options because when you own stock options you have a choice as to whether or not you want to exercise the stock options. For example, when you have a call option you have the choice to buy the stock at that certain price by the expiration date (obviously if the current market price of the stock is less than the strike price of the call option, then you would not exercise the call option and you would not buy the stock).

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Key features provided by us are:

  • Directional Calls on stock options.
  • We will issue Long as well as Short calls.
  • The calls are designed for active traders.
  • Charges Rs.15000 per quarter inclusive of GST.